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G2 Software Solutions is a software company that primarily serves LGUs (Local Government Units) in the Philippines, offering a range of programs to promote GOOD GOVERNANCE in government service. The company's mission is to promote honesty, productivity, and accuracy, and its programs are designed to optimize organizational productivity and efficiency for clients. Since 1996, G2 Software Solutions has been expanding its network of clients and continues to serve LGUs with its software solutions..

We are a Software Company

We specialize in delivering software programs to our clients, primarily local government units (LGUs) based in the Philippines.

We promote Good Governance

"G2, an acronym for 'Good Governance,' embodies the core mission and focus of our development team. Our brand logo symbolizes our commitment to fostering honesty, high productivity, and accuracy in government service through our software solutions."

We value innovation

"Our software programs have been meticulously developed to optimize organizational productivity and efficiency for our clients. We are committed to continuously enhancing and refining our software programs to ensure the utmost benefit for our users."

We have a growing network of government clients

"Since 1996, our company has been steadily expanding its client network while actively promoting the principles of Good Governance. We remain committed to growing our clientele while advocating for effective and ethical governance practices."


"Envisioning Good Governance: Empowering Through I.T. Solutions"


"Our mission is to empower good governance by providing timely and accurate data or information through innovative I.T. solutions. We are committed to promoting honesty and high productivity in all our endeavors, supporting our clients in their pursuit of effective and ethical governance."



Established a mutually beneficial partnership with software development ventures based in Pagadian City.

The LLGAZ (League of Local Government Accountants of Zamboanga del Sur) utilized the JEV Accounting government software, which was specifically designed for their accounting needs.


Joe and Mario established G2 Software Solutions as a product trade. Joe handles sales and marketing while Mario serves as the systems analyst and programmer.


INQBIZION, INC. was founded with the aim of expanding the usage of G2 Government Software Solutions to various LGUs across the Philippines.


INQBIZION, INC. became the official IT service provider for PhALGA (Philippine Association of Local Government Accountants), supplying the association with their software solutions..



INQBIZION, INC. currently offers its extensive range of products and services to approximately one hundred (100) LGUs in the Philippines, as well as clients of government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs).


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Accounting System


Accountants Advice

Accountants Advice

Barangay JEV Recording System

Barangay JEV Recording System

Brarangay Registry

Brarangay Registry


Execution Monitorint & Tracking System


Customized Document Archiving System

Check Writer

Check Writer

Disbursement Voucher

Tracking and Conrol System

Disbursement Voucher

Disbursement Voucher

Executive Dashboard

Executive Dashboard

LGU Revenue Collection

LGU Revenue Collection

Office Time DTR

Attendance Recorder


Payroll System


Property Plant Equipment Recording System

Supplies & Inventory System

Supplies & Inventory System

Water Works Billing And Collection System




Report of Checks Issued


Database Management Record System

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to send us a message, and our dedicated technical support team will be more than happy to assist you promptly. Alternatively, you can utilize our convenient Chat Support feature, conveniently located in the bottom left corner of your screen, for immediate assistance.


Sanson Street, Gatas Dist. Pagadian City, Zamboanga Del Sur 7016 Philippines


(+63) 916 280 4168 or (+63) 999 497 3379

Office Hours:

8:30AM – 5:30PM Monday to Saturday

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